Short, Stout & Sensational | The Nub 460 Connecticut by Oliva

nub by oliva

connecticut 460

4 x 60

When you smoke an Oliva Nub you are witnessing the results of experience, craftsmanship, and innovation coming together in a perfect balance.

There is a theory that has been passed down from generations of cigar smokers that says a cigar finds its “sweet spot” at the 3-4 inch mark.

The sweet spot is considered the most enjoyable part of the cigar in terms of smoothness, aroma, and taste.

Thankfully for us in 2007, the Oliva Family decided to put that theory to the test and began experimenting with some “awkward” sizes.

As a result, today we get to choose from 12 different complex and hearty nubs with profiles that range from mild-body to full-body.

The general rule of thumb says that no nub can be longer than 4 inches and it has to have a ring gauge between 56 to 66.

This allows the cigar to deliver a satisfying amount of tobacco comparable to that of a Churchill.

Out of the 12 different nubs, we consider the 460 Connecticut to be the smoothest of all.

In terms of size, it is 4 inches long and has a ring gauge of 60 which I love for several reasons

It is large enough to allow for a dense ash which insulates the cigar keeping it cool as you smoke

it creates a cigar that smokes long enough but not too long

it allows for a large enough amount of smoke so you can really enjoy the complex and hearty flavors

It is not intimidating like a larger cigar could be

and on a very personal note, it reminds me of the original
Sgt. Nick Fury from “The Howling Commandos” 1963 comic books

The Nicaraguan filler and binder are expertly wrapped in a buttery smooth and silky Ecuador Connecticut leaf which softens the blend making it equally appealing to both an experienced cigar smoker as well as to a novice.

When you first torch up this beautiful short and stout stick you will be extremely surprised at the immediate gratification rendered by its medium strength, and creamy, almost sweet notes of tobacco, earth, and black pepper.

And as you continue to enjoy its rich and milky texture, you will discover that it only gets better from there!

The only real way to understand and appreciate this nub, is to smoke one.